Sea Hunt Surveys International specializes in remote sensing surveying and was founded by leading experts in the fields of marine exploration, surveying, recovery and mining. 


SHSI's primary survey vessel, the 28-foot Sea Hunter, is equipped with a Geometrics 882 marine-towed cesium magnetometer and can record all side scan and bathymetric data with a single pass.


SHSI conducts all post-processing of collected data, which is reformatted and entered into an assortment of GIS software platforms and digital working charts. This allows for clear and concise analysis of the survey data, enabling the SHSI team to focus in on specific targets or target areas.

​   SHSI's Capabilities:


Magnetometer Surveys

Side Scan Surveys

Sub-bottom Profiling

Multi-beam Bathymetry

Environmental Surveys

Survey Consulting

Aircraft Locating & Recovery

Our Team:
Dan Porter, Director of Operations

dp.seahunt@gmail.com | Phone: 1-305-394-0260

Dan Porter is a boat captain and shipwreck recovery operations director with three decades of experience in the industry. His unique qualifications, which combine old school hard work ethic with contemporary state-of-the-art acoustic and electronic sensing technical knowledge, have made him an in-demand consultant for numerous clients and one of the most proficient and sought after on-site directors today.

Mike McDowell, HR

Over a period of 35+ years, Mike McDowell has pioneered a multitude of businesses with the predominant theme of exploring and researching remote locations. Mike has a proven ability for producing great concepts for expedition and research opportunities, as well as a successful record of carrying these visions from the concept stage through to fruition, and has demonstrated the ability to progress his visionary ideas into environmentally, ecologically and economically sustainable businesses.

Jimmy Parker, Coordinator

From 1991-1998, Jimmy worked in the crash and salvage division for the U.S. Navy. With extensive linguistic and technical knowledge gained during his Navy career and the invaluable experience of successfully operating his own businesses, Jimmy decided to incorporate his interest in diving into his career path and began contributing his expertise to the field of underwater archeological recovery and investigation. In 2016, he joined Maritime Research & Recovery, LLC and Sea Hunt Surveys International, LLC, where he has worked as an integral part of the recovery team for both companies. 

Dan Schweizer, Survey Technician

Dan has had 10 years of experience as a diver and has taken the role of survey technician with Sea Hunt Surveys International. Dan was instrumental in the installation of specialty electronics necessary for various survey techniques used by Sea Hunt. He is also highly qualified for interpretation & analysis of the post survey data. Dan has also served as captain of SHSI’s survey vessel, Sea Hunter.

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