The primary function of Sea Hunt Surveys International, LLC is locating historic shipwrecks. With decades of remote sensing survey experience searching for items as small as ballast stones, or the mineral content in ballast stones, locating items like the ones listed below relatively easy:


  • Cannons, Anchors

  • Historical Artifacts                              

  • Modern vessels

  • Airplanes

  • Pipe Lines

  • Cables


SHSI’s primary vessel, the Sea Hunnter, is equipped with a Geometrics 882 marine-towed cesium magnetometer, as well with the Edgetech 4121 side scan sonar, and can record all side scan and bathymetric data with a single pass. During post-processing, the collected data is reformatted and integrated into user-friendly Auto CAD or other drafting, design and GIS software. This allows for clear and concise analysis of the survey data, enabling the customer more control over their project.

Magnetometer Survey:


SHSI is equipped with Geometrics marine-towed magnetometers and all related software.

Side Scan Survey:

SHSI conducts all of its side scan sonar data acquisition with the Edgetech 4125. This cutting-edge equipment gives us a depth range of 300 meters.

Archaeological Survey and Site Mapping:


Sea Hunt Surveys International and a partner company have the expertise to build search boxes based on customers’ information for fast and precise mapping of any historic site.

SHSI has the capabilities to conduct and/or support diverse activities including:

·       Magnetometer Survey

·       Side Scan Survey

·       Post-storm Survey

·       Handheld Underwater Magnetometer Survey

·       Sub-bottom Profiling

·       Multi-beam Bathymetry

·       Coral Reef Sampling

·       Environmental Surveys

·       Under Water Crime Scene Investigation


SHSI has Underwater Recovery capabilities, including:


·      Vessels

·      Automobiles

·      Aircrafts

·      Permitted Archeological Recovery

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