Sea Hunter
28 ft. Parker
The Sea Hunter was designed and outfitted in 2016-2017 to be a fully functional coastal survey vessel. It is equipped with a navigational suite and survey tech station with all related hardware and software. Its main purpose is shallow water historic shipwreck survey and ground truthing survey anomalies.
Sea Hunter Specifications:


Hull Type: Parker, fiberglass

Length:  28’

Width:  8’

Draft:  2.6’

Power:  250HP Yamahas

Electronics:  Complete 2016 Simrad Package

Scuba Tanks:  8ea 80cf scuba cylinders

Survey Equipment:

Geometrics 882 Magnetometer

4125 Edge Tech Side Scan Sonar


Survey Software:

Noble tech Time Zero Professional

Geometrics Mag Log Lite

Discovery Software

SonarWiz Complete Package


Auto Cad

Arch Map

45 ft. Key West #1 hull 
The Seatrepid was designed and built in 2017-2018. Its main purpose is shallow water excavation but is capable of conducting operations in up to 50 ft. of water. She has living quarters for a crew of four and is suited for light expeditions and survey trips for up to seven days of operations.   

Seatrepid Specifications:


Hull Type:  Key West #1, fiberglass


Length:  45’

Beam:  15’

Draft:  38” 

Power:  Twin 430HP Cummings 6CTA 

Transmissions: Twin Disk 2:1 with trolling valves 

Main Generator: 35KW Kohler Power System 

Back-up Generator: 8KW Northern Lights 

Electronics: Complete 2018 Simrad Package 

A/C:  4 ton carrier 

Hydraulics: Three 14,000 lb. capstans, quick connects to connect underwater hydraulic tools

Tank Fill Compressor: Bauer K-14, electric below-deck 

Excavation Equipment: High-pressure water jet; Venturi capabilities; 36” propwash deflectors (90°and 45°capability) 

4 AquaPulse underwater metal detectors with accessories

Data recording station:  Artifact documentation station and equipment;  Onboard data recording computer station with AutoCAD and other related software

Scuba Tanks: 15ea 80cu scuba cylinders

Ground Tackle

Onboard artifact stabilization tanks

Fresh water maker


Sea Reaper III
72 Ft. Resmondo 
The Sea Reaper lll was outfitted in 2014 to conduct professional historic shipwreck operations including survey, documentation, excavation and artifact recovery. She is a light expedition vessel capable of extended stays or surveys on permitted wreck sites and can house 10 persons comfortably for a period of up to 20 working days.
Sea Reaper Specifications:


Hull Type:  Resmondo Boat Works, FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) with Sea Flex planks


Length:  65’

Beam:  21.5’

Draft:  7.5’

Power:  Twin 580 HP Caterpillar 3604E

Main Generator:  35 KW

Back-up Generator:  8 kw

Tank Fill Compressor:  K-14, high pressure

Excavation Equipment:  Airlift compressor Sulair 185CFM with two 5” aluminum airlift tubes that are 6’ long; Water jet and Venturi pump supply; 40” 90° propwash deflectors

8 underwater AquaPulse metal detectors with accessories

1 underwater handheld magnetometer

Data recording stations:  Artifact documentation station and equipment;  Two on-board data recording computer stations with Auto CAD and other related software

Six on board artifact stabilization tanks

Scuba Tanks:  15ea 80cu scuba cylinders

Ground Tackle

On board DVR Camera System

900 gallon-per-day fresh water maker

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